Sunday, September 4, 2016

Zalhietzli and Proud/Father split one year on...

On October 15th of 2015, my good friend and an artist I hold in high regards, Jean Baptiste,  released a split consisting of material we had recorded the previous summer. His label, Zugzwang Productions, was the first to ever release Proud/Father material way back in 2012, which was  Hearu Shi no Proud/Father . We kept in touch through mail and instant messaging and sometime during 2015, we finally committed to a split cassette for our projects (Zalhietzli and Proud/Father)

It was a long process, but the time allowed for a fantastic release. I was listening to a lot of Heldon at the time and touched on some of the older material I had made for Natsu Tepu. I tried out some of these tracks live e before committing them to tape, and got a response I was pretty excited about. Jean Baptiste not only produced an amazing side of live tape loops and manipulation, but also designed and developed the packaging art from scratch. And by "from scratch" I mean with collage and photocopier, completely by hand from start to finish. He documents many of his ethereal collages and artwork on his blog here if you want to see more.


We also received some reviews from around the world

Antigravity (New Orleans) 

Anthem (Website Deleted) 

There may have been some more so check for updates.

Listen and decide for yourself. 

-Shining Fields 

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