Monday, October 7, 2013

コンサート と 演奏旅行

I recently moved back to New Orleans after a year in Jacksonville, Florida. I also got to go on a really amazing tour with Lost Trail

Heres some videos of my favorite florida moments.

Last minute addition ( a running trend)
got to play while artists wheat-pasted sculptures

@Inc Tour 2013
My performance as DJ Onlyusessimpsonssamples
I only used Simpson's samples
Got to meet and play with some great people at the International Noise Fest tour.
I did the NOLA date too but my set (Evangbang: A noise celebration of NGE) sucked

Action Research is an ongion series of experimental artists in Gainseville, Fl.
Theyre put on by Ironing. It was a goal of mine to play one of these shows.
So it was a dream come true. First time I did the tour set (more or less)

Part 2 coming soon with lots of tour goodies