Friday, August 19, 2011

I've been away for a while and many posts are in order
This video is from a performance that Proud Father orchestrated for Thursday Night
The Performance was at the Mulark Pubic Theatre
Which is my favorite local spot
It's a theatre/music venue run by my friend Pandora,
who designs sets and the most amazing puppets
She's also an incredible performer in her own right and I suggest you check her website

The heat was intense
The lights were dim
The sounds were loud

My friends WitchBeam and Sister Jillian of the Crow Hill Gnostic Temple
were kind enough to perform their meditative set
Using droning, pulsating synths and meditative cooperation, they brought each audience member into their own personal nirvana.
There were scented vials, lights, and a unique take on just about every aspect of a musical performance.
They requested no photos, videos, or recordings, to which I happily obliged
It's an experience that must be experienced firsthand

My set was a continuation of my current method. Tapes through effects looped.
Instant tape compositions, blended, distorted, multiplied.
Over the top of these I put some effected harmony vocals, and had the MFOS synth supplying an arpeggio/drum synth run combination to give the entire performance and underlaying pulse
Next came my good friend Jonathan from I have two wolves inside of me
A band from Baton Rouge that I cannot recommend enough
Jonathan did a solo set featuring massive walls of processed synths and drums tinged with
shoegazey vocals and textures
The best way to describe the sound would be soaked or drenched.
Dreamy, and clear. He says he intends for his music to have the same qualities
as the video game soundtracks he enjoyed growing up
And to top it all off he finished the set with a Cocteau Twins sample

Afterwards, Jonathan and I were joined by Allyson of IHTWIOM
for a late night all out live ambient collab.
That video is at the top

we packed up
said our goodbyes
and slept soundly
Wish you were here