Sunday, November 6, 2011

I've enjoyed this song for a while. Soon I fear I won't be able to hear it for a long time...
Someone said this may be the interstate between Kyoto and Nagoya

Friday, August 19, 2011

I've been away for a while and many posts are in order
This video is from a performance that Proud Father orchestrated for Thursday Night
The Performance was at the Mulark Pubic Theatre
Which is my favorite local spot
It's a theatre/music venue run by my friend Pandora,
who designs sets and the most amazing puppets
She's also an incredible performer in her own right and I suggest you check her website

The heat was intense
The lights were dim
The sounds were loud

My friends WitchBeam and Sister Jillian of the Crow Hill Gnostic Temple
were kind enough to perform their meditative set
Using droning, pulsating synths and meditative cooperation, they brought each audience member into their own personal nirvana.
There were scented vials, lights, and a unique take on just about every aspect of a musical performance.
They requested no photos, videos, or recordings, to which I happily obliged
It's an experience that must be experienced firsthand

My set was a continuation of my current method. Tapes through effects looped.
Instant tape compositions, blended, distorted, multiplied.
Over the top of these I put some effected harmony vocals, and had the MFOS synth supplying an arpeggio/drum synth run combination to give the entire performance and underlaying pulse
Next came my good friend Jonathan from I have two wolves inside of me
A band from Baton Rouge that I cannot recommend enough
Jonathan did a solo set featuring massive walls of processed synths and drums tinged with
shoegazey vocals and textures
The best way to describe the sound would be soaked or drenched.
Dreamy, and clear. He says he intends for his music to have the same qualities
as the video game soundtracks he enjoyed growing up
And to top it all off he finished the set with a Cocteau Twins sample

Afterwards, Jonathan and I were joined by Allyson of IHTWIOM
for a late night all out live ambient collab.
That video is at the top

we packed up
said our goodbyes
and slept soundly
Wish you were here

Thursday, July 28, 2011

chiridijiri Ø nari: Proud Father Radio Recordings

Every week, my friend (Walter) and I have been doing improvised ambient/live looping/experimental sets. We've now gotten to the point where we are comfortable making the event public and releasing the recordings.

Chiridijiri o nari translates roughly into
Seperated by sound
We are close friends but we have lived far apart for two years
This radio show serves as a way for us to finally collaborate musically
Something we had both put off doing in person until it was too late
And we had moved to different cities

The performances are all lived, completely improvised,
and featured various instrumentation
From drums and spanish guitars
to computers, synthesizers, and circuit bent devices

Sets will eventually involve
composition themes
chance games

There will be announcements on the ProudFather facebook
as to when these events will occur
Usually Monday or Wednesday nights
Starting at 9pm CT-USA

Our USTREAM site can be found here

Video streaming by Ustream

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hibiki no chika

Sometimes the easiest way to find new music
Is to have the person who created it show you
I enjoy the free flow of information,
especially when it's sharing what you have created with others

Part 1 in an ongoing series

New Dark Age
Instrumental HipHop, Beats, Illbient, Break
UK 2011
Orca Life
Dark Ambient, Drone
Virginia, 2011
KT Allo
Dark Ambient, Harsh Noise, Experimental
Sydney, 2011
Ville Wannabe
Chip, Guitar-Electro
Fucking Finland , 2011
Trip Hop, FLSTUDIO-core, has potential
UK, 2011
Dark, Noisy, Abstract HipHop. Anticon sound
Seattle, 2011
Noise, Ambient Soundscapes
France 2011
This Modern Jumper
Ambient Experimental Electronic
UK 2011
Ambient, Downtempo, Idm
Location Unknown, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Theodor Severin Kittelsen

A glade in the wood
Where the sun shines
Between the trees we are imprisoned
In this God's gladeIt burns it scorches
When the light licks our flesh
Goes toward the sky a smoke
A cloud of our form
Prisoners of the burials
Tormented by God's goodness
No flame no hate
They were right we have come to Hell

Thanks to Kittelsen Effensor dot net

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hokage no Issen

garakuta no kodaiejiputo

Tellus Cassette Magazine: 1983-1993

Cassettes, in their own way, have always been a novelty. It celebrated it's first birthday at the Berlin Internationale Funkausstellung of 1963. I don't think they ever got the respect cd's did

(at least cassettes begin to sound cool before they break)

(They can be used to record video as well as audio, fun fact)

In 1983, a group of artists and musicians from the Lower East Side began distributing a magazine showcasing the music going on around them. Outside of the confines of "No-Wave", the magazine showcased artist from all over the globe, with a different musical theme for each issue, ranging from compositions for new school theatre and dance to pieces created by visual artists (few with classical training).

The magazine, however, was only on cassette. Their was no printed counterpart.

Tellus was not the first Casette only publication. Computer hobbyists had released magazines on cassette as early as 1974. These were memory recordings that the computer would recognize as binary, and format into a readable source. Tellus, however, was all about the audio.

I find it extremely important to note that they were also extremely supportive of both female and gay composers and non-musicians during a time where it wasn't uncommon to hear "open minded" hardcore songs rallying against homosexuality and glorifying the benefits of "brotherhood" and violence towards women.

While tellus is long gone, the above atrocities are still happening in all forms of music

Tellus encompassed something far larger than the Lower East Side.

For more information and free audio downloads of every Tellus release, please visit the wonderful section of Ubu dedicated to tellus

Tellus #25 Siteless Sounds (1st of their 2 CD only releases)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Noise Dump Volume 1

Since this blog is just starting out and I assume that no one is reading it, I may as well use it to share both developments of Proud Father and music that I believe should be shared. Support artists, buy the album. Just an observation, the variety found in experimental music is astounding, to the point where it's still hard for it to be categorized, packaged, and sold off...
I enjoy this fact

Skullflower - Taste The Blood Of The Deceiver

Hermit & Thirdorgan - Dead-Tech Machine Gallery

Various-Extreme music from Africa
Con-Dom (Mike Dando)-Holy Bible

Haare-Chemichal Witchcraft